3 Dangers of Full Sew-In Weaves and How to Avoid Them

Marietta sew-in weave salonFull sew-in weaves like the ones we offer at our Marietta hair salon can be an excellent choice when done properly. This type of weave can allow you to explore a range of styles without subjecting your natural hair to chemicals, heat, and other hazards, and can even allow your hair to rest and grow under the weave! However, improperly installed sew-in weaves can cause some pretty awful problems as well. If you are interested in getting a sew-in weave, take a look at some of the dangers of weaves and how to prevent damage from wearing hair extensions.

Heavy weaves, weak hair

Wearing heavy weaves and hair extensions when your hair is already weakened is a recipe for disaster! Weakened hair isn’t strong enough to support the weight of a full sew-in weave for an extended amount of time, resulting in breakage. Unfortunately, many women who experience breakage continue wearing weaves to cover it up. Continual abuse of the hair follicle due to improperly installed weaves can cause serious problems like traction alopecia- permanent hair loss from the continued pulling of a weave.

Too-tight braids

Braiding hair super tight might seem like a good way to keep a weave longer, but if your weave stylist is braiding your hair so tightly that it causes severe pain, you’re in for trouble. Braids that tight may hold the weave in place, but they also put so much stress on your hair strands that your hair could begin breaking off! An experienced installer will know how tightly to braid your hair to ensure a good sew-in weave without damaging your hair.

Keeping a weave in too long

Even if your stylist installs your full sew-in weave properly, lasting damage can result if you don’t care for it properly. It is vitally important to listen to your stylist and follow the guidelines for how long to leave the weave in, usually 6 to 8 weeks tops. By failing to have your weave resewn, it will not only become loose and look ragged, but could also cause your new hair growth to become matted.

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