Natural Hair Tips for Kids

little girl with natural hairThe natural hair movement has exploded in popularity in recent years, with many women doing a “big chop” and getting back to their natural, unprocessed hair for the first time since childhood. Those who have had relaxed or permed hair for as long as they can remember may lack knowledge about natural hair care, which can be frustrating if you have a child!

If you’re a newcomer to the natural care movement and are trying to preserve your child’s natural tresses, don’t stress. We’ve got some tips to help you keep your child’s hair looking great while also encouraging healthy growth and good habits. Read on to learn more from our Marietta black hair salon.

  •  Be gentle- Detangling is an important hair care task for curly folks, and it can be time-consuming. Be as gentle as possible so your child will not associate detangling with pain. Make your hair maintenance time together more fun by watching a favorite movie or television show, listening to a book on tape, or playing some of their favorite music.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize– Children often experience dry hair and breakage, so nip it in the bud with regular moisturizing. In addition to using moisturizing hair products on a daily basis, it’s also important to deep condition once a week.
  • Teach good habits– Explain to your child why you are taking each step in their hair care routine and how it affects their hair. Provide a satin pillowcase and show your child how to wrap her hair in a silk scarf if necessary to keep her hair style protected overnight. Fortunately most kids will love getting a “special” pillow case.
  • Style for protection- Protective hairstyles are great for kids because they not only protect natural hair from damage and encourage growth, but also keep hair out of the way and easier to manage.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our other hair care tips for kids, and give us a call today to make hair appointments for your whole family at Levell’s Salon in Marietta!

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