3 Signs Your Hair Needs To Be Moisturized

“What’s your beauty secret?” “Moisturizing.” You’ve probably  heard that answer a million times from stunning celebrities, and it’s true! For glowing skin and gorgeous hair, your best course of action is hydrating and moisturizing! Drinking the recommended amount of water every day is the first step, but you’ll also need to moisturize your hair and seal the moisture in. Is your hair healthy, happy, and hydrated, or do you need to pay extra attention to moisturizing? Read on to learn the top 3 signs of dry hair, and be sure to ask our stylists for their moisturizing recommendations next time you visit Levell’s Salon.moisturizing

Hair texture is telling.

Moisturized hair feels soft to the touch, while dry, thirsty hair feels more rough. When your hair is dry the texture of the hair strand is more apparent, while moisturized hair takes on a smooth, silky feel.

Wet vs. dry hair

If your hair is really moisturized, it won’t feel wet because the hair strand will have absorbed and locked in the moisture. However, if your hair is dry, the moisture will merely sit on top of the hair strand. Don’t mistake wet-to-the-touch hair for moisturized hair or you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when you fail to get results.

Dry hair is loud.

That’s right, dry hair and moisturized hair even sound different! Moisturized strands will glide across each other with little to no sound, while the rougher texture of dry hairs will create a scratchy sound.

No matter what state your hair is in, a visit to our Marietta hair salon will have you looking fabulous. Our stylists take the time to listen and understand your hair concerns, so we can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

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