3 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair Without the Big Chop

evening out transitioning natural hairThe big chop“- it’s infamous in the natural hair community, a rite of passage that marks the beginning of life au natural and strikes fear into the hearts of long hair-loving ladies. What if you want to go natural but hate the idea of chopping off all of your processed hair?

For some people, getting rid of the permed or relaxed portions of their hair would mean an extremely short ‘do. While short styles look great on some folks, it’s understandable that you might not want to part with your length. If you’re ready to transition to natural hair but don’t want to do a big chop, check out these 3 tips for growing out your natural hair.

How to transition to natural hair

  • If you are trying to transition to natural hair without cutting all of the processed parts, you’ll need to style the straight, processed parts of your hair to match your curly, natural hair growth. When it comes to matching the look, rods, rollers, and pin curls will come in handy. Once your natural hair grows out to a length you’re comfortable with, you can cut off the processed ends.
  • It may seem like it’s taking forever to grow your hair out, but be patient. You can help your hair along by properly moisturizing, using protective styles to prevent breakage, and using proper de-tangling methods.
  • Keep your hair moisturized as it grows by using a deep conditioner. Ask your hairstylist to consult with you about the best haircare regimen for your individual tresses.

Whether you want a precision haircut to make your “big chop” well worth it, or you need some help styling your transitioning hair while you grow it out, contact our Marietta hair salon today. Contact Levell’s Salon today to make an appointment!

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