3 Tips to Preserve Your Sew-In Weave

Brazilian hair for sew-in weaveSew-in weave hairstyles are a major part of today’s fashion landscape, allowing anyone to change up their style with long, luxurious locks. At Levell’s Salon, we offer a variety of weave installation services, including bond-in weaves, quick weaves, and sew-in weaves. If you are opting for a sew-in weave with high quality human hair, learn how to preserve it with these weave care tips.

Choose your weave salon wisely

Preserving your weave starts from the moment of installation! Be sure to use an experienced salon where the stylists are well-versed in proper sew-in weave installation that will protect, not damage your natural hair. Give us a call at 770-423-9900 to make an appointment. Braiding your natural hair too tightly and further stressing it with heavy hair extensions can result in thinning hair or even baldness over time, as seen with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Buy good quality hair

The better the quality of the hair you buy, the better it will hold up over time with proper care. Virgin Remy hair is a good option because it real, won’t tangle as much as cheaper hair, and can be styled just like your own hair.

Wash and care for your weave

Just because it’s not “yours” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your weave! Be gentle and use a shampoo specifically formulated for weaves or recommended by your stylist. It’s also important to protect your weave just like you would your natural hair by limiting heat styling, using appropriate products, and sleeping with a silk pillowcase or kerchief to prevent breakage.


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