5 Quick and Easy Between-Salon-Visits Beauty Tips to Look Your Best Every Day

Levells Beauty TipsWinter is here and we have a few ways to keep your hair and skin looking its best by adding these 5 tips in your daily beauty routine.

  1. Switch to dry shampoo – Use a dry shampoo to absorb all the troublesome grease and oils in your scalp. They come in powder and spray form. Part your hair into sections and keep the spray six inches away from your hair. Wait a couple of minute and then brush out. Your hair will regain its volume and it will be a little fresher between washes.
  2. Always protect your hair when using heat – Use a heat protectant whenever you use a heated appliance on your hair. It will help to reduce friction as the plates pass over your hair. It will also protect your hair against heat damage.
  3. Use a quality skin cleanser – To maintain your skin’s appearance, use a cleanser that is made for your skin type. Avoid anything that leaves your skin feeling tight and dry like bar soap.
  4. Use a quality moisturizer – Don’t shop by price, shop by ingredients. Look out for fragrance-free and oil-free options.
  5. Drink hot lemon water in the morningStudies have shown that vitamin C component helps to reduce blemishes and the appearance of wrinkles. Lemon water can also help keep your skin clear by helping to remove some of the impurities in your system.

Here is a bonus tip – save shaving for last in the shower. This will allow the warm water some time to soften your skin and hairs so shaving will be smooth and easy. With these 5 beauty tips, you will easily look your best every day of the week.

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