5 Tips for Relaxed Hair

relaxed African hairRelaxers are just one of the many services we provide here at our Marietta hair salon. They are perfect for those who love the look of sleek, straight hair, but don’t want to invest the time to press or flat iron their hair each and every day. However, relaxers do involve strong chemicals and can weaken hair if done too often or if the hair is weak and damaged. In order to get the beautiful, healthy relaxed hair you’ve always wanted, follow these tips.

Find a hairdresser you can trust. Your hair stylist will be able to examine your hair and tell you how long you should go between relaxers, as well as recommending the best products for your unique hair texture and type.

Seek out ingredients that work for your hair. Some hair types need more protein, while others need more moisture. This is another matter in which your stylist can provide invaluable guidance.

Follow a routine. The key to healthy hair is consistency. Once you find your ideal routine of care and products, make sure to stick with it!

To schedule a relaxer or other African American hair services in Marietta, contact Levell’s Salon today!

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