5 Ways to Care for Your Curly Hair

curly hair careFrom waves to curls to coils, there are a multitude of hair types and each has its own special needs. But regardless of the tightness of your curls, curly hair requires special care to keep it healthy, strong, and looking fabulous. Read on to learn how to care for curly hair.

Moisturize Your Curls

Curly hair has a weaker structure than straight hair and is prone to breakage. Add to that the fact that the curl structure can prevent oils from making their way down the hair strand from your scalp, and it’s easy to see that moisturizing is essential to protecting and nurturing your curls. Do not use oils; regular conditioning and occasional deep conditioning will do the trick.

Add Products to Wet, Sectioned Hair

Your curly hair can easily be damaged by rubbing with a towel, so gently twist water out instead. Apply your styling products while wet for maximum effect. It’s also very important to section your hair out to ensure product is being applied equally to all parts of your hair, not just the top layer.

Use Good Quality Hair Products for Curls

The stuff you get at the drugstore just doesn’t compare. Come in to our Marietta hair salon and let our stylists help you find the right products for your hair. Even within the various types of black hair there are many subtypes and your own personal style, preferences, and body chemistry mean that what works for one person won’t be right for another. Fortunately we carry a wide range of professional hair care products to help you get the look you want.

Hands Off! Leave it Alone

Once you have combed or brushed your hair or fingered it into ringlets, and applied product, leave it be. The more you handle and brush your curls, the more they will separate, dissolving from ringlets into frizz. Ideally it is best to let your hair air dry, but even if you must blow dry, remember to use a diffuser, don’t scrunch the hair, and only dry hair about halfway.

Get a Great Haircut from a Stylist Who Knows Curly Hair

This might seem like common sense, but let us reiterate: Your hair deserves a great cut from an experienced hairstylist who will work with your hair texture and shape. Curly hair naturally forms a pyramid-like shape, and an inexperienced stylist can end up creating a “helmet hair” phenomenon- definitely a style no-no! A great curly haircut allows the curls to cascade and move.

To achieve the best style for your curly hair, contact Levell’s Salon, your Full Service Salon serving women, men and children located in Marietta, GA. We specialize in hair coloring, precision cutting, hair weaving, braiding, and barber services, as well as other beauty services including eyelashes, eyebrows and our Juvéderm dermal filler procedure which is administered by Dr. Sherri Barton, an experienced Board Certified Physician. Come be a part of Levell’s Salon of Experience. We provide you with all that you need to look your very best!

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