Bad Chemical Hair Relaxer Experience? There’s Hope!

Levell's Salon Chemical Hair RelaxerThere are very few African-American women who have not had their horror stories from a poorly executed chemical hair relaxer. What may have started out as a wonderful blessing eventually starts to feel like a curse. When we are left with scalp and skin burns, hair breakage, hair loss or, at the very least, absolutely unattractive and unmanageable frizz, we find oursleves pulling our hair back or covering it up with a scarf or maybe even a wig.

You don’t need to hide your hair. What you need is a solution for bringing your hair back to health while having it look good every day. The first thing that you need to know is that you will need a trim. Cutting away the split ends and damaged parts of your hair is the only way to get rid of those chemically damaged parts of your hair. If you are committed to getting your hair back into a healthy state, you will need to do what is best for your hair and your look. Holding on to the length with unhealthy ends just perpetuates your hair challenges. A trim that leaves only healthy hair will allow your hair to grow rather than breaking off unevenly.

At Levell’s Salon, you will get an experienced professional hairstylist who understands your hair and will help you solve your scary hair problems. You will see the difference it makes to have a chemical hair relaxer professionally applied by a highly trained expert stylist. Your stylist will guide you in choosing a cut that is easy to maintain in your daily routine. You will save a lot of time as you get ready for your daily activities. With the right kind of style, you will find that your hair will have tons of movement as you confidently carry yourself wherever you go.

Have you given up on chemical hair relaxers because you had a disaster experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Contact Levell’s Salon, your Full Service Salon serving women, men and children located in Marietta, GA. We specialize in hair coloring, precision cutting, hair weaving, braiding, and barber services. We also provide services to meet your beauty needs such as eyelashes, eyebrows and our Juvéderm dermal filler procedure which is administered by Dr. Sherri Barton, an experienced Board Certified Physician. Come be a part of Levell’s Salon of Experience. We provide you with all that you need to look your very best!

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