Black Hair Trend: “Poetic Justice” Braids Make a Comeback

Do you remember box braids or Poetic Justice braids, made incredibly popular in the early 1990’s thanks to Janet Jackson’s iconic style? This black hair style is back and better than ever, seen recently on stylish celebrities like Beyonce and Solange.

Marietta hair braiding

Box braids are a great protective style in the right situation, allowing you to look chic without messing with your hair too much. Low-maintenance is really the goal with a protective style- anything that reduces the amount of manipulation and handling of the hair is good. However, just because box braids are a protective style doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Take a look at these 3 things to consider before asking your Marietta hair stylist for Poetic Justice braids.

hair braiding in Marietta GA

box braids by Shaee Carver of Levell’s Salon

  • Is your hair strong enough? If your hair is dry and breaking, the weight of heavy braids (which are augmented by synthetic hair for a fuller look) could be too much stress on your fragile hair. Ask your stylist whether this is a style you can safely rock, and if not, take the time to nurture your natural hair. At Levell’s Salon, we can help you find a great style that will help you achieve that healthy hair you’ve always wanted.
  • Prepare your hair. Before getting box braids, deep condition your hair and make sure it is moisturized and in good condition.
  • Go to a good salon. Box braids can be a mess if done incorrectly, damaging your natural hair and looking plain awful. It’s important to use a stylist who is experienced in this type of hair braiding. At our Marietta salon, you can rest assured that our stylists know what they’re doing. Book your appointment for hair braiding in Marietta today!

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