How to Preserve Your Twists

silk scarves for protecting twist hairstylesWant to keep your twists looking great for as long as possible (within reason)? It’s easy to prolong the life of your style with these tips!

  • Friction from your pillowcase can do a surprising amount of damage to your hair. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase and wrapping hair with a silk scarf or satin night cap will protect your twists and prevent breakage.
  • While many twist styles use filler hair, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the health of the hair growing out of your scalp! Wash your hair regularly, using gentle products that won’t dry your scalp. Carefully massage the shampoo into your scalp while taking care not to disturb your twists. You can also cut down on the frequency of full washes by using dry shampoo in between.
  • Condition and hydrate, again being careful not to disturb the twists. Check out our tips for moisturizing your hair.

While the tips above will help you prolong the life of your twists, it’s also important to listen to your stylist! If your hair stylist recommends that you come back in two to three months, listen. Keeping twists in for 6+ months is just asking for matted hair.

At Levell’s Salon in Marietta, we want every client to leave not only feeling beautiful and confident, but also knowing how to care for their hair. Contact us today to make your appointment, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay up-to-date on our latest promotions.

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What Is A Protective Hair Style?

black woman with protective hairstyle There is a lot of talk in the black hair community about protective hair styles, especially about what exactly constitutes a protective style. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Read on to learn more from the hair experts at Levell’s Salon!

What makes a hairstyle protective?

The ultimate goal of protective hairstyles is to maintain the health of the hair by protecting it as much as possible from all of the things that weaken and damage hair: environmental factors (heat, pollution, humidity/dryness), heat styling, manipulation, and friction (from clothes, furniture, etc.). Therefore protective hairstyles are usually heat-free styles in which the ends of the hair- the oldest and most fragile part- are tucked into the style.

By minimizing the amount of heat styling and handling the hair endures, as well as keeping the ends of hair safely tucked away, hair growth is encouraged and more length can be retained without losing it due to split ends.

Types of protective hairstyles

If you are trying to protect your ends and achieve longer hair, there are many stylish protective styles available. A few of the most popular protective styles include:

  • Free hanging braids (box braids, jumbo braids, mini braids, etc.)
  • Cornrows
  • Braided updo styles (goddess braids, braided faux hawks and pompadours, and much more)
  • Twists
  • Bantu knots

Choosing a protective hairstyle does not mean sacrificing style for hair health! At our Marietta black hair salon, our stylists provide a wide range of protective styles. We can help you achieve the look you want, whether classic, romantic, or edgy, so give us a call today at 770.423.9900 to make your appointment!

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Color Maintenance Tips for Black Hair

woman with dyed hairWant to keep your freshly-colored hair looking bright and beautiful as long as possible? If so, these color maintenance tips are for you! Read on to learn how to maintain your hair color, and give us a call to schedule your next cut and color at our Marietta black hair salon.

Keep your cool

There’s no denying the luxuriant appeal of a hot shower, but steamy showers are bad news for colored hair! Hot water will dry your hair out regardless of whether or not it’s colored, but it also speeds up the fading process and can give your hair color a washed-out look. Try to wash and condition your hair in lukewarm or cool water. Rinsing your conditioner out with cold water is the best way to lock in color and shine.

Give your hair a break

Excessive washing is a sure route to faded hair, so try to cut down on the number of washes you do per week. Aim for no more than 3 washes, and use dry shampoo in between if needed due to exercise or other factors.

Trust the professionals

When it comes to hair color, your safest bet is definitely to go to a salon. This goes double if you are trying to achieve a much-lighter shade than your normal hair color. At Levell’s Salon in Marietta, our stylists are trained and experienced in order to provide you with high quality professional color services that will give you the look you want while also protecting the health of your hair. Give us a call today to make an appointment for double-process and semi-permanent hair color, highlights, and more!

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How to Care for Your Relaxed Hair

Marietta salon hair relaxingThese days there is a wealth of information out there about caring for natural hair, but what about relaxed hair? At our Marietta hair salon we want to make sure all of our clients can enjoy the beautiful, healthy hair they deserve, so today we’d like to share a few tips on how to care for relaxed hair. (Most of these are actually good for natural hair, too!)

  •  Protect your hair at night- The friction of your head moving on the pillow case can cause a surprising amount of damage, so prevent breakage by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf and/or sleeping on a silk pillow case.
  • Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner- Sulfates (commercial detergents often found in hair and body toiletries) are very drying to your hair, and drying is damaging. Protect your hair by using sulfate-free hair products recommended by your stylist to preserve the health and appearance of your hair.
  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair each week- The less you wash your hair, the less protective oil you’ll be stripping from it and the more hydrated (and thus stronger and happier!) it will be. Don’t worry, you won’t have to skip the gym if you pull your hair back while working out and use strategies like co-washing.

If you’d like the versatility and convenience of relaxed hair, contact Levell’s Salon today to make an appointment. Our stylists can help you achieve the look you want while also giving you the knowledge you need to keep your hair healthy and beautiful until your next visit.

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Marietta Salon Services for the Whole Family

haircuts for men and kids in MariettaWe often discuss women’s hairstyles here on the Levell’s Salon blog, but did you know that we also provide salon services for men and children? All ethnicities and walk-ins are welcome, and our talented stylists are ready to help you achieve the look you want.

Haircuts for men

If you’re looking for a men’s barbershop in Marietta, we’re just what you need. From clean cut, classic styles to the avant garde, we’ll help you get the look. Now you just have to decide: Fro hawk, fade, or get creative with an undershave?

If you’re looking for hair braiding in Marietta, we’ve got you covered there too. Our stylists are experts at cornrows, twists, and other natural hairstyles for men.

Salon services for kids

Finding a kid-friendly salon can be a challenge, but at Levell’s Salon we welcome clients of all ages, even the littlest ones! We not only offer haircuts for children, but also hair braiding and cornrows. The possibilities are endless, so we can help you and your child find a look that is easy to care for and looks great. And don’t forget that we offer special occasion hair styling for weddings, graduations, parties, recitals, and more.

We want to be your stylish family’s source for haircare! To make an appointment, give us a call today at 770.423.9900.

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A Great Weave Starts With Great Hair

Brazilian hair extensionsIn most areas of life, the finished product will only be as good as the quality of the materials you put into it. When it comes to sew-in weaves, it’s all about the hair you choose. At Levell’s Salon, we offer high quality human hair extensions to ensure that our customers end up with the beautiful (and durable) look they want.

Human hair vs. synthetic hair

Virgin and Remi human hair have a number of benefits that synthetic hair extensions lack. Besides a more natural look and feel, these types of human hair tangle less and last longer (with proper care). In order to get the longest life out of your weave, it’s important to follow your stylist’s recommendations and return to the hair salon periodically for maintenance to ensure that your weave is still installed correctly.

Synthetic hair is not only harder to style, but is also less durable. While it is less expensive, you’ll need to replace a synthetic weave more often and will be limited in the number of styles you can achieve.

Types of human hair

At our Marietta weave salon, we sell Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair extensions, all of which blend nicely with African textured hair.

  • Brazilian hair has a lot of body, which means that it will not only give you that sexy, voluminous mane you’re after, but it will take fewer bundles to do so. This type of hair holds curly styles particularly well.
  • Malaysian hair has a beautiful shine and tends to frizz less than other types of hair.
  • Peruvian hair is light weight and versatile. It is softer and less dense than Brazilian hair.

Not sure what type of hair to choose? Your stylist can advise you on the best option for your hair texture and desired style. To make an appointment at our Marietta hair salon, give us a call at 770.423.9900!

Marietta Hair Braiding: 3 Twists for Protective Summer Styling

senegalese twists

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Looking for a braiding salon in Marietta? At Levell’s Salon, we offer a wide range of high-end African American salon services, from sew-in weaves to hair braiding. Our talented stylists can help you achieve any look, from classic and elegant to bold and creative. With summer approaching, it’s a good idea to opt for a protective style that will help shield your hair from the ravages of sun, heat, chlorine, salt, and all of the other hair hazards that come from fun in the sun. Below, check out 3 types of twist hairstyles for the summer.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are sleeker and more slender than some other types of twists. They give a very polished look and can be worn in a variety of different styles, making them a versatile choice. The Kanekalon hair commonly used for these twists gives them their smooth appearance, and the sections of hair used are relatively small, resulting in lots of thin, smooth twists.

Marley Twists

Also known as “Kinky Twists,” this method of hair styling is actually quite similar to that of Senegalese twists. The main difference lies in the type of hair extensions chosen, in this case a coarser, kinkier variety of hair. Common names for the hair used in this style are “Marley hair” or “Jamaican hair.” This type of twist hairstyle is a great choice for those who want a more textural look.

Havana Twists

Havana twists use the same type of hair extensions and the same twisting technique as Marley twists, but larger sections of hair are used, yielding fewer but fuller twists.

If you would like to try one of these beautiful styles, contact us today! Give us a call at 770.423.9900 to make an appointment at our Marietta hair salon.

Why You Should Find a Salon You Love- And Stick With It

Marietta salonIn today’s age of Groupon and LivingSocial deals, it’s no wonder so many people have a bad case of salon ADD! At Levell’s Salon, we don’t begrudge anyone a deal, which is why we offer reasonable prices and fantastic specials to help regulars and newcomers alike enjoy our salon services on a regular basis.

If you’re a hair salon nomad who just can’t seem to settle down, read on to learn why you should find a salon and stylist you love- and stick with them!

  • Beauty shop gossip– There’s nothing like dishing with the girls at the beauty shop! In all seriousness though, ethnic hair salons have a hallowed tradition of hosting lively conversations and lots of laughter. Many people love the social aspect of their regular salon visits in addition to the salon services.
  • Personalized service– We strive to ensure that each and every client who enters our doors leaves  happy. Communication is vital, and any good stylist will talk to you before your service to understand your hair type, lifestyle, and personal style. But don’t you get tired of having to give the same information over and over again to stylist after stylist? When you visit a stylist regularly, he or she is able to get a better feel for your hair texture, what you’re looking for style-wise, and what products to recommend for ongoing hair health.
  • Trust– Let’s be honest, going to a new salon every time can be nerve-racking! Does the stylist really get what you’re after? When you have a regular salon with trusted staff who have previously done great work, you can sit back and enjoy the experience. Even more important, can you trust them to perform your services properly? A bad haircut, while upsetting, can grow back. But when it comes to weave installation and hair braiding, improperly performed services can actually cause serious damage to your hair and/or scalp!

If you are looking for a multi-ethnic salon in Marietta, give us a call! We would love to be your “home” salon for everything from precision hair cuts, color, and relaxers to hair braiding, sew-in weaves, and quick weaves. Give us a call today at 770.423.9900 to make an appointment, and be sure to like us on Facebook to stay updated on our latest news and specials.


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Summer Fun in Marietta

Juneteenth celebration in Marietta GALevell’s Salon of Experience is located in beautiful Marietta, Georgia, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of this warm and welcoming community. Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors, and it’s especially hard to resist thanks to the beautiful Marietta Square.

Also known as Glover Park, the Square is the centerpiece of our city and the home of many wonderful events and activities. Read on to see some of the fabulous things coming up this summer, and be sure to leave us a comment with your suggestions for summer fun in Marietta!

  • Free YogaEvery 2nd Tuesday of the month (through November), take your yoga mat and accessories to the Marietta Square for a lovely, free class taught by a revolving cast of local yoga instructors.  Doing yoga in the gorgeous setting of historic Marietta is sure to make you feel great both physically and mentally.
  • Scary-etta Trolley Ghost Tours– Join the Ghosts of Marietta tour every second Friday for a thrilling, chilling glimpse into the history and lore of Marietta. Tours cost $25 and include both a trolley ride and a brief walking tour.
  • Juneteenth- Celebrate Juneteenth in Marietta at the Cobb County NAACP Juneteenth Extravaganza! Friday night offers live blues, jazz and spoken word; Saturday features a cultural festival with vendors, entertainment, activities, and a health fair; and Sunday’s Gospelfest will close out the weekend with music and dancing.

What Marietta events and activities are you looking forward to this summer? Share your suggestions with us in the comments!

Photo via Cobb County Georgia Branch NAACP on Facebook

Bond-In, Sew-In, or Quick: What Kind of Weave Should You Choose?

hair extensionsWeaves have come a long way, baby! Here at Levell’s Salon in Marietta, we offer a variety of weave types and methods so that you can achieve the look you want in accordance with your budget and time constraints. Read on to learn about the 3 main types of weaves, and call to schedule your appointment today.

Full sew-in weaves

Sew-in weaves are just what they sound like- hair extensions sewn onto your own hair. Your hair stylist will braid your hair into cornrows or some other small, flat braid, and then sew the tracks of synthetic or human hair into the braids. Sew-in weaves can look very natural, add volume, and they last the longest when properly maintained.

Bond-in weaves

Bond-in (also known as glue-in) weaves involve gluing tracks of hair directly to your head. Your stylist will carefully part your hair in order to place the tracks as close as possible to the scalp. The glue-in weave method takes far less time than sew-in weaves, and is thus a more affordable option. This type of weave won’t last as long as a sew-in, and furthermore, if you mess with it too much or remove it improperly, you can damage your actual hair in the process. It’s important to take your hair stylist’s directions very seriously when it comes time to remove the weave.

Quick weaves

Instead of gluing tracks directly to your head as in a bond-in/glue-in weave, quick weaves involve gluing tracks of hair to a cap that sits on top of your natural hair. This can be a much quicker option, and you won’t have to expose your hair to glue. When it comes to weaves, the most important things to remember are:

  • Buy good quality hair, preferably Remi human hair (Even a well-executed weave will look cheap if you use cheap hair)
  • And go to a reputable salon with experienced stylists. Sew-ins, glue-ins, and quick weaves all have the potential to damage your natural hair if not installed and maintained properly, so choosing a good stylist and then listening to his or her directions for upkeep are essential!

Photo by Dave Bleasdale via Flickr CC 2.0

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