Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

essential oils for African hairWho doesn’t love essential oils? These heavenly scented, concentrated oils are extracted from the various parts of plants and trees, derived from the leaves, stems, seeds, flowers, bark, or roots depending on the type. Essential oils have been around for ages and are still popular for their applications in health, beauty, and even around the house. Uses range from cold remedies to scenting the home, but one of the very best applications for essential oils in in hair care, especially African American hair care. Read on to learn how you can use essential oils to get beautiful, healthy hair, and be sure to discuss your hair care needs with your Levell’s Salon hair stylist for expert guidance.

Stimulating hair growth

There are several essential oils that can stimulate hair growth, including rosemary, peppermint, basil, bay, and lavender. Lavender oil is actually recommended for the treatment of alopecia, but anyone wanting to increase hair growth can benefit.

Treating scalp conditions

Scalp conditions often require cleansing and purifying in order to correct the problem, and essential oils can do the job. Tea tree oil is especially effective, cleansing the scalp of bacteria and fungus, unclogging hair follicles, and correcting imbalances in oil production (helpful in treating dandruff). Sage oil also works well for dandruff, and its strong clarifying properties make it an effective treatment for psoriasis.

Moisturizing hair

Moisturizing hair is so important, particularly so for African hair types that tend to be dry and crave moisture. The best essential oils for moisturizing and treating dry scalp/dandruff are chamomile, bay, and rosemary. If you have an itchy or irritated scalp, chamomile is wonderfully soothing and an excellent choice.

Warning: Pregnant women should not use rosemary essential oil, as it can harm the fetus. Photo by Praisaeng via

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