False Lashes: The Do’s and Don’ts

false eyelashes in Marietta

False lashes finish the look

False lashes are all the rage right now, from the celebrity red carpet to weddings and even the club scene. It’s no wonder, because falsies are a quick and easy way to attain a glamorous, romantic look. When properly applied, they can make your eyes look bigger and give you that doe-eyed appearance that is so alluring. However, badly executed false lashes are incredibly obvious and will send you from “best dressed” to “hot mess” in the blink of an eye. Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of false eyelashes, and give us a call today to schedule your appointment for false lash application at Levell’s Salon in Marietta, Georgia.

False eyelash do’s

  • Place them as close to your natural lashline as possible, and make sure to follow the curve. There is nothing worse than falsies riding high or crooked on an eyelid!
  • Keep the length reasonable. Many false lash strips are meant to be trimmed with scissors for a more realistic look.
  • Use a good quality glue to ensure that your lashes don’t start drooping halfway through the night.
  • Apply mascara, eye shadow, and if needed, eyeliner in order to obscure the false lash line and create a more natural look.
  • Consider having a professional apply them. At our Marietta salon, we offer false eyelash installation you can trust. Experience makes all the difference, and we know the tips and tricks to yield the best results.

False eyelash don’ts

  • Don’t apply falsies in a hurry, as that is a recipe for disaster.
  • Don’t apply glue and then immediately stick the lashes to your lid. Most eyelash glues need to cure for a moment to reach optimal tackiness.
  • Don’t ever use any glue not specifically sold for false eyelashes. At best, your lashes will fall off early. At worst, you could injure yourself by using a glue not designed for use on human skin or near the eyes.
  • Don’t rip your lashes off at the end of the day. Use makeup remover to gently work the false lashes free and remove any adhesive residue.

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Photo by Courtney Rhodes via Flickr CC 2.0

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