Go Natural at Our Marietta Curly Hair Salon

Have you tried salon after salon, desperately seeking a hair stylist who can do justice to your waves, curls, or kinks? If so, welcome, curly ladies! The struggle to find a hair salon that actually knows how to cut, style, and nurture curly hair is over. At Levell’s Salon, we specialize in salon services for afro-textured hair, but our talented team is ready and able to give you a stunning style no matter what hair texture you’re working with.

Need help going natural?

If you’ve been chemically straightening your hair for years and want to go natural, we can help! The “big chop” doesn’t have to be traumatic- you just need a sexy, sassy cut from the pros. Of course, many women don’t realize that you don’t have to do a big chop at all to go natural- we have other options that can help you transition from relaxed hair to your natural curls. These transitioning options include:

  • Sew-in weaves- Keep your natural hair protected under a weave, allowing the relaxed sections to grow out while you rock the locks of your choice, from curly Malaysian to gently waved Brazilian. Just be sure to visit your stylist as recommended for adjustments so that your weave stays in place and doesn’t put too much pressure on your scalp.
  • Braids- We offer a variety of braiding and cornrow options at our salon. Cornrows are a great way to hide the difference in your  hair texture and can create a plethora of intricate and beautiful patterns to fit your personal style. Likewise, box braids, twists, braid crowns, etc. can protect your hair while it grows while still giving you plenty of style options.
  • Hair pressing/straightening- If you are dealing with partially relaxed hair, we can help with hair pressing, or using heat to straighten your hair, giving you a uniform texture. This solution lasts for a much shorter time than the others, however.

If you’re ready to give your curly hair the treatment it deserves, contact our multi-ethnic hair salon today!

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