Hair Rehab: Treating Color Damaged Black Hair

Marietta African American hair salonLet’s face it, new hair is always a thrill. For the style chameleons among us, new cuts, colors, and textures debut on a regular basis, but some of those style changes are more harmful to your hair than others. If you’re a color addict, always changing from one hue to the next, light to dark and back again, you may have noticed that your hair has sustained some battle scars in the war of style, like dryness and breakage.

At Levell’s Salon, we help our clients get the beautiful hairstyles they crave without  sacrificing hair health. Read on to learn how to care for color damaged black hair, and remember, these care tips will also help you prevent damage in the first place!

  • Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair and apply a leave-in conditioner after washing to lock in hydration. 
  • Use a protein treatment up to three times a month in order to replace the protein that has been stripped during the coloring process.
  • Use a deep conditioner or warm oil treatment once a week, leaving on for 30 minutes.
  • Seal the dry, fragile ends of your hair with shea butter before washing.
  • Rinse with diluted white vinegar after washing and conditioning. (Ratio should be about 4 tablespoons vinegar to one quart water.)
  • To prevent further damage, take a break from double process coloring, relaxers, and any other chemical process that puts stress on your hair until your hair has fully recovered. Your Levell’s Salon stylist can help you find style solutions that look great and will give your hair some much-needed R&R.

For salon services that are both stylish and hair-friendly, visit our Marietta hair salon. We specialize in African American hair care and welcome walk-ins. Call us today at 770.423.9900 for assistance!

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