How to Care for Your Natural Hair Type

At our Marietta salon, we specialize in a variety of salon services, from double process color and relaxers to natural hair care and styling with hair braiding, twists, bantu knots, and more. No matter what style you are trying to achieve, it’s important to know what type of hair you naturally have and what sets it apart. Each type of hair has its own structure and needs unique treatment to keep it looking beautiful. So which type of natural hair do you have? This is fantastic hair type chart is a great place to start.

curl types of natural hair

Natural Hair Type 2: Wavy Hair

The structure of this type of hair is an “S” shape, the loosest of the curly hair types. Depending on your subset, you may have varying levels of frizz. To keep type 2 hair looking its best, use light products that help define your curls without weighing them down.

Natural Hair Type 3 (A&B): Curly Hair

This hair type is a step beyond wavy into actual curls. It can range from loose loops to springy curls, and the texture is soft and fine. The circumference of this type of curl tends to be fairly large compared to other curl types. Frizz can be a major problem, so use products that will fight frizz and add definition to curls.

Natural Hair Type 3 (C): Curly Kinky Hair

These tight, corkscrew-like curls have a smaller circumference and a relatively fine texture. Due to the structure of the hair strand, these curls need more TLC and lots of moisture. Use hair butters or oils that will lock moisture in to your hair, and remember not to brush your curls when dry, lest you end up with a frizz explosion.

Natural Hair Type 4: Kinky Hair

Kinky hair is the curliest, with a tight coil pattern and coarse texture. The curlier the hair strand, the weaker it is, so Type 4 hair needs good moisturization and gentle treatment. Do not brush or comb your dry hair, and try to let your air dry as often as possible instead of exposing it to heat.

No matter what type of hair you have, we’ve got you covered at Levell’s Salon! We would love to help you find a fabulous new look and learn how to better care for your curls. To make an appointment at our Marietta natural hair salon for braiding, cornrows, bantu knots, and more, contact us today.





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