How to Find a Hairstylist You Love

find a hair salon through word of mouthGoing to the salon should be a fun and relaxing experience that ends with excitement over your new ‘do. If you’re not loving your hairdresser, it’s time to set off in search of a stylist who will give you the hair of your dreams! At Levell’s Salon, our team of experienced stylists is committed to giving you that “WOW!” feeling every time you leave. We want you to be more than satisfied with your hair; you should really love it. Read on to learn how to find a stylist who works well with your hair needs, or just call us today to schedule your appointment at our Marietta salon!

  • Word of mouth- Personal recommendations are a great way to find a hairstylist, assuming of course that the person doing the recommending has great hair!
  • Social media– Take a look at a salon’s social media presence to get an idea of the type of work they produce. You can follow Levell’s Salon on Instagram, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!
  • Communication– It’s so important for stylists to consult with the client before beginning any salon service. Stylists aren’t mind readers, which is why they should ask you plenty of questions about the style you’re looking for (including “How long is an inch to you?” when it comes to length!), your hair care routine, and your hair type and texture. It can also help to bring photos of hairstyles you like as reference, but remember, what looks good on a celebrity may not look the same on you. Allow your stylist to provide guidance and you’ll be much happier with the outcome!
  • Saying goodbye– People often get hung up on “breaking up” with their hairstylist. If you try one stylist and aren’t entirely pleased, or even just want to try someone else for the heck of it, don’t be afraid to do so. Stylist/client relationships are very personal, so some personalities or styles fit better than others. Your stylist would rather lose you to another stylist at the same salon than have you leave completely.

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