How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy in Cornrows

Marietta hair braiding salonCornrows are a great protective style, relatively low maintenance, and can look beautiful- but only if braided and cared for correctly. If you are considering this hairstyle, take a look at some tips and tricks for cornrows that not only look good, but are good for your hair as well.

Get cornrows from an experienced braiding stylist

Your hair is a big part of your overall look, so don’t scrimp on it! It’s well worth your time to find a talented hair braider who can provide you with both style and proper technique. Technique is critical to ensure that your hair does not sustain damage and that the braids will have some staying power.

Make sure your hair is long enough for cornrows

Your braids will not turn out well if the stylist doesn’t have enough hair to actually braid. Consult with a Marietta hair stylist specializing in black hair to make sure you can rock this style.

Clean carefully to avoid disrupting your cornrows

Cleansing is important, but if you mess with your braids too much they will not last long. In order to clean your hair and scalp with minimal disturbance to the braids, use a dental water pick or shower massager.

Listen to the experts

If your stylist tells you how often to come in and have your cornrows redone, listen! Experienced hair braiding masters know what it takes to keep your cornrows looking sleek and stylish.

If you would like to get a great low maintenance, protective cornrow hairstyle, contact Levell’s Salon today! Our Marietta hair salon offers a wide range of salon services for all ethnicities, from precision cutting and coloring to braiding and natural hair care. 

photo: cornrows by our stylist Tiffany Jones

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