How to Preserve Your Twists

silk scarves for protecting twist hairstylesWant to keep your twists looking great for as long as possible (within reason)? It’s easy to prolong the life of your style with these tips!

  • Friction from your pillowcase can do a surprising amount of damage to your hair. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase and wrapping hair with a silk scarf or satin night cap will protect your twists and prevent breakage.
  • While many twist styles use filler hair, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the health of the hair growing out of your scalp! Wash your hair regularly, using gentle products that won’t dry your scalp. Carefully massage the shampoo into your scalp while taking care not to disturb your twists. You can also cut down on the frequency of full washes by using dry shampoo in between.
  • Condition and hydrate, again being careful not to disturb the twists. Check out our tips for moisturizing your hair.

While the tips above will help you prolong the life of your twists, it’s also important to listen to your stylist! If your hair stylist recommends that you come back in two to three months, listen. Keeping twists in for 6+ months is just asking for matted hair.

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Photo by Tony Alter via Flickr CC 2.0

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