How to Protect Your Weave AND Your Natural Hair

Use the right products to preserve your weave.Here at our Marietta salon, we provide a variety of salon services, from installing sew-in weaves, quick weaves, and box braids, to natural hair styling. As we have mentioned in previous posts, wearing a weave can actually help you grow your natural hair, but it can also cause problems if not applied and cared for properly. Below, check out some tips for protecting and maintaining your weave to keep it looking great, as well as caring for your natural hair and preventing your weave from damaging it.

Maintaining Your Weave

  • Use a bonnet or sleep cap in a soft fabric like silk to protect your weave from friction with your pillow while you sleep.
  • When washing your hair, be careful not to tangle your weave. Apply shampoo in the direction of your hair, not against it, and be sure to keep your head upright to prevent your weave from getting knotted.
  • Applying leave-in conditioner to your weave will help it retain its luster and also keep the hair from tangling.

Maintaining Your Natural Hair

  • Wearing a weave can actually protect your natural hair and encourage growth if you take care of it properly. 
  • Be willing to speak up if you feel your hair is being braided too tightly. Too-tight braids can cause hair breakage, completely undermining the point of a weave as a protective hairstyle.
  • Take care of your natural hair and scalp. Be sure to cleanse them regularly and use products that are gentle on your hair.

Are you interested in getting a sew-in weave in Marietta but want to make sure you are not damaging your natural hair? If so, Levell’s Salon is here to help. Our stylists take the time to get to know you and your hair, so we can hook you up with the perfect style to fit your needs. To make an appointment with our Marietta hair stylists, contact us today.

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