Just Say No to Elastic Band Hair Breakage

prevent hair breakage from elastic hair bandsElastic hair bands have been around forever and are a favorite quick styling tool for many hair types. But be aware they can cause hair breakage from wearing them too tightly or for too long. At our Marietta salon, we see this type of breakage all the time. But no matter what hair type you have- kinky, curly, straight or thinning- you can reduce the damage done by hair styling accessories. Here are a few tips to wearing hair bands that reduce hair breakage.

Better Ways to Wear Elastics

Goody’s and Scunci make hair elastics that are gentler on hair. Look for terms such as “ouchless, seamless, no-damage and non-metal” when purchasing hair elastics.


  • Purchase a variety of elastic bands, head wraps and headbands.
  • Throw out bands that are stretched or show signs of wear.
  • Use fabric-covered elastic pony holders.


  • Don’t wear bands too tight. Styles that are tightly pulled can break hair strands and give you a tension headache.
  • Don’t sleep with them in. Tossing and turning during the night can cause knots and tangles. Better to remove them and use a sleep cap or wrap hair in an old, soft cotton t-shirt.

Alternatives to Elastic Hair Bands

For versatility in style, try some alternative hair accessories such as hair sticks, clips, pony tail holders, bobby pins and more. You can create updos, twists,  buns, puffs and braided styles without damaging the hair.

In a pinch you can use ribbons, strips of old pantyhose and other recycled materials to make your own hair ties- a great way to be stylish and eco-conscious.

Photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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