Look Younger with These Hair Styling Do’s and Don’ts

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Warm, spicy hair colors give a youthful glow.

Your hairstyle and hair color can make you look older or younger, depending on how you go about it. Most women want to look younger. So, don’t think just about masking that gray. As a matter of fact, when you style and cut gray hair the right way, it can still make you look youthful.

Here are some things you should avoid so you don’t look older than your years.

Incorrect Haircut

Regardless of the length of your hair, opt for haircut that’s soft and layered. It can eliminate years from your face. Stay away from unflattering and severe cuts. You’re never too old for bangs, which is a great way to hide those lines on your forehead! Ask your hair stylist to give you a younger-looking haircut that softens the lines of your face and also frames your face delicately without falling on your eyes.

Tightly Pulled Hairstyle

Tight buns and ponytails are a sleek look that can also give a mini face lift effect. While this can make you look young for the time being, these hairstyles also make those lines and age spots more prominent. Choose a style that doesn’t require you to pull your hair back severely but still allows you to hold it back from your face when needed.

Avoid Cool Shades

Stay away from cool-toned hair colors. These shades will make your skin appear ashy in comparison with your hair color. African American women generally have cooler skin tones, so it’s best to opt for warmer hues when considering hair color. Highlight your hair in honey, taupe or wheat color; for all-over color, choose chocolate brunette, burgundy, and orange-red. These warm, spicy colors are vibrant, radiant, and youthful.

Speak to your hair stylist today and use these tips to take years off your appearance. For appointments, contact Levell’s Salon at 770.423.9900.

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