Marietta Salon Advice: Caring for Cornrows

silk scarf for sleeping in cornrowsLevell’s Salon in Marietta is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent hair care and a wide variety of services, including hair braiding and cornrows. Cornrows can be a great protective style when installed correctly, but you will still need to know how to care for cornrows in order to protect your hair and keep the braids looking good longer. Read on for some of our salon tips for cornrow maintenance, and be sure to contact us today to make an appointment if you are looking for a Marietta braiding salon!

  • Moisturize– It’s important to moisturize your hair and scalp without overdoing it. Use a natural, oil-based moisturizer, but do so sparingly so as not to gunk up your hair with excessive oil. Use leave-in conditioner one or two times a week, gently working it into the braids while disturbing them as little as possible. 
  • Prevent friction– One of the benefits of cornrows is that when braided properly, they do not put as much stress on your roots/hair as free-hanging braids. However, you will still need to protect them from friction by either sleeping on a silk/satin pillowcase, wearing a scarf or silk/satin cap to bed, or both.
  • Be gentle– The more you mess with your cornrows, the more stress you’re putting on your hair and the more likely you are to damage the braids or cause them to become frizzy. When washing your hair, go slowly and gently.

Photo by storebukkebruse via Flickr CC 2.0

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