Natural Hair Care for Kids

Marietta hair salon natural hair for kidsHere at our Marietta hair salon, everyone is welcome, including kids! We discuss ladies’ hair styles regularly, but our littlest clients deserve the spotlight too, so take a look at some great natural hair tips for kids.

Make hair care fun

The first step to nurturing your child’s natural hair is to make hair care a fun experience. You can do this by taking them to the salon for “big boy” or “big girl” haircuts from an early age, and by speaking and acting positively, not only about their hair but about your own hair as well. Keep in mind that kids are much more perceptive than we often give them credit for.

Moisturize generously

Kids’ hair can dry out very easily, leading to breakage. To nurture those natural tresses, use water-based moisturizers, and seal moisture in with natural oils.

Treat the scalp carefully

Children often have sensitive scalps. Be careful not to pull too hard when detangling, and never try to detangle dry hair! Use a wide toothed comb, your fingers, and a spray bottle of leave-in conditioner to remove tangles after a wash. It’s also important not to smother your child’s scalp with hair products, which can impede hair growth.

Use protective hair styles

Protective hairstyles are, by their nature, perfect for kids. They are designed to limit manipulation and styling, while also protecting hair from the elements and allowing growth. However, it is very important not to braid or twist these styles too tightly, which can cause breakage and even damage the hair follicle.

Here at Levell’s Salon, we offer a wide variety of salon services, including cornrows, twists, and hair braiding for kids! Our experienced stylists will make sure your mini me leaves looking fabulous and feeling great, so make an appointment with us today.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt via Flickr CC 2.0



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