Rodney Turpin

Marietta stylist RodneyA professional stylist for over 20 years, Rodney Turpin is a true artist using hair as his canvas. He loves the process of transforming someone from start to finish.  There is nothing more rewarding when a client says she did not realize her own potential to look so beautiful. He believes everyone has a unique inner beauty that can be drawn out, and his distinct approach to hair artistry accomplishes that with each of his clients.

“Rod” has always understood that hair is not just an accessory, and that healthy hair is the key to feeling beautiful. Mastering skills in cutting, coloring, styling and natural hair care enabled  Rod to become quickly recognized for his unique ability to blend his innovative signature style with classic designs. His work has been featured not only nationally, but internationally including places such as  New York, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., California, London and the Bahamas. Rod is extremely passionate about his career, and is not only on top of the trends, but his clients and peers describe his work as setting the trends.  He has roots in Atlanta, but Washington, D.C. is his home. While living in Washington D. C., Rod established himself as an educator with Kemi Laboratories where he was artistic director and a top platform artist.  He also owned Sphere Concepts in the Washington Metropolitan area where he and his partners cornered the market offering extensive services. With Rod’s unique flare, outgoing personality and confident sense of style, he quickly emerged as top stylist.

His  personal goal is to always grow both personally and professionally. “This is an industry always changing and  evolving. As a stylist, you have to stay educated as well as  innovative.” Rodney plans to continue his teaching and instruction to share with other stylists, especially extending his expertise to students that he has mentored.

“I truly love hair and feel blessed to be able to continually work in a career that fits my personality and gift as an artist.  As an artist, I believe in being honest and patient with my clients. When they get up from my chair, I want them to feel beautiful but also understand the process of healthy hair, not just beautiful hair. My client’s happiness is my best attribute.”