Sew-in Weaves Are A Great Option for Protecting Your Natural Hair

Levell's Salon Remy Virgin Hair Weave

With proper care, a full weave-in can help to protect one’s natural hair.

Whether you want to have a professional style or you simply love being able to rely on your hair behaving itself on those humid days that happen for those of us who don’t live in a dry area, getting a sew-in weave is a great option. Not only does it make you look consistently fabulous, it also works as being one of the many protective style options for different hair types and textures. When it is properly installed, it can be your best weapon against damaging your own hair.  According to, those who wish to maintain the health of their natural hair may find sew-ins to be convenient and more versatile to style. Sew-ins are a good way to keep your hair from exposure to heat, the elements, and anything else that puts stresses on your tresses.

In order to get a sew-in weave installed, your hair must be put in cornrows or braids.  When installing a partial sew-in, hair is left out to provide more of a natural look. However, to obtain the look of a full sew-in, all of the hair is hidden and tucked away in braids.  A full sew-in has often proven to be more of a protective style than the partial sew-ins where hair is left out.  Partial sew-ins will require matching your hair texture and color as closely as possible. Because you don’t have to worry about blending the different textures between your weave and your natural hair, the full sew-in may be the best option for those wanting a true protective style.

Natural human hair, such as the virgin Indian Remy hair extensions, is the most ideal choice for a sew-in weave. It looks more natural and is more resistant to frizzing than artificial hair. In addition, with proper maintenance, it also lasts much longer. Remy hair extensions are the top grade of human hair. The quality is worth every penny. You won’t have to worry about tangling and matting as long as you maintain regular grooming habits. When you choose a full install, you can pick any texture and color you desire.

When you get a sew-in weave, your real hair can remain untouched while the weave is manipulated into many different styles. Regardless of the choice you make, whether it’s partial weave or full sew-in weave, you will make a choice for maintaining a consistent look that is convenient to maintain and versatile to style while protecting your own natural hair!

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