The Benefits of Pressing Hair

Marietta black hair salonOne of the many services we offer here at our Marietta salon is a shampoo and press. If you’ve never heard of it, hair pressing is an alternative to getting a relaxer, allowing you to temporarily wear your hair in a straight style by running a hot styling implement through the hair, most commonly a pressing comb or flat iron.

Benefits of pressing over other hair straightening methods

Pressing your hair can be more gentle than chemical methods in certain situations. It is a great option for women who are trying to grow their natural hair, but want the versatility of wearing a straight style occasionally. However, the benefit is only present if proper heat levels and products are used. Extremely high heat can be just as damaging as harsh chemicals, so you might want to entrust the task to trained professionals like our hair stylists.

Caring for pressed black hair

If you have relaxed hair, do not press your hair! Relaxers already cause damage to the hair shaft, so adding heat is a bad idea. However, if you have natural hair, you can maintain healthy tresses by following these hair pressing rules:

  • Don’t use the hottest heat setting. It really doesn’t take that much to work if done properly.
  • Detangle before pressing, don’t use the pressing comb to detangle hair.
  • Use moisturizing haircare products ( a given for black haircare regardless) as well as heat-protection products.

Whether you are interested in straightening your natural hair or getting the look with a relaxer, our full service Marietta salon is here to help. Contact Levell’s Salon today to make an appointment for hair pressing, color, precision cutting, weaves, braiding, barber services, and more.


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