Tips for Trying the Bright Hair Color Trend

If you haven’t noticed the ultra-bright hair color trend, you haven’t been paying attention! Everyone from Rihanna to Katy Perry has been rocking Crayola-colored locks lately, and it’s no surprise that this fun hair trend has made its way from the red carpet to your local salon. If you’re interested in dying your hair to achieve a dramatic, colorful result, Levell’s Salon can help. Our Marietta hair salon offers a variety of hair coloring services to help you get the look you want while keeping your hair happy and healthy. Take a look at some tips for working the brightly colored hair trend.

black hair color salon

Rihanna via Tumblr

Choose a hair color wisely

With professional double process hair coloring, you can achieve truly remarkable vibrancy in your hair color. However, double process hair color can be damaging, so make sure you are choosing a color you really love! You don’t want to have to put your hair through another dye process. Consider your skin undertones (warm or cool), eye color, etc., and choose a hue that complements all that. Your stylist can help steer you toward a great color to enhance your complexion.

bright hair color trend on Katy Perry

Katy Perry via Posh24

Go all the way or just add a dash of color

Obviously there’s nothing as dramatic and glamorous as a full head of brightly colored hair a la Rihanna, but you can also pull off this trend in a more subtle way. Consider an ombre look that fades from vibrant tips to your natural color. If you want a bit of color without giving your boss a heart attack, try one streak toward the back that will only be visible when your hair is up.

MIA bright pink hair

MIA via Nylon

Get professional help

There’s no easier way to damage your hair than to attempt a big change on your own. Make an appointment with a stylist who specializes in double process hair color in order to get the dramatic, glamorous look you want. Our Marietta hair salon offers the precision cut and color services to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Marietta hair coloring services

Cut and color by Bee Wilson at Levell’s Salon, via Instagram

To book an appointment, contact our Marietta hair salon today at 770.423.9900. Levell’s Salon is a full service salon serving women, men and children. We specialize in hair coloring, precision cutting, hair weaving, braiding, and barber services. We also provide services to meet your beauty needs such as eyelashes, eyebrows and our Juvéderm dermal filler procedure which is administered by Dr. Sherri Barton, an experienced Board Certified Physician. Come be a part of Levell’s Salon of Experience. We provide you with all that you need to look your very best!


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