Uncovered! One of the Most Overlooked Causes of Dry Hair

Healthy Hair Levell's SalonAll women want to look like a queen with beautiful, healthy hair. You may spend your morning and evening routine making sure your hair has the right conditioning treatments to moisturize your hair. You may be spending time making sure that the products you use do not have alcohol or sodium laurel sulfates. You may even be buying shampoos that are low in fragrance and other moisture-robbing chemicals. But did you know that no matter how long or short your hairstyle is your hair may still be robbed of moisture while you sleep?

What is the culprit? Your pillowcase or scarf. Pillowcases and scarves made from cotton will absorb the moisture from your hair which will help to create breaks and split ends in your hair. As your hair rubs against the rough absorbent fibers of your cotton pillow at night, your tresses can be tugged and pulled all night long.

The solution is to sleep at  night with silk or satin fabric. Sleep with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to keep your hair healthy and soft while preventing breakage. Satin or silk caps and scarves will go a long way toward keeping your hair in great shape. These materials are gentle to your hair by gliding against it instead of tugging on it. Use hairpins if you need them to help hold the cap or scarf in place. Even if you have a cotton pillow, cover the pillow with a silk or satin fabric.

Your hair will thank you for taking that little extra step to prevent having your hair lose moisture over night. You will wake up with well-moisturized hair that feels softer and will be less prone to breakage and dryness. You may even feel like a queen.

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