What’s the Difference Between Single Process and Double Process Color?

double process hair colorColoring your hair is one of the best ways to change your look, but which kind of color is best for you? When it comes to hair color, there are two options: semi-permanent and double process. Read on to learn what the difference is between the two and which one you should choose.

Single Process Color

Single process hair coloring is just that-a one-step process in which color is applied to the entire head. This creates a new base color or tone, which can cover gray hair or give a little va-va-voom to your existing hair color. This type of color is very common, both in salons and at home. It is less damaging to your hair, but also provides more subtle results, especially for those with dark hair.

Double Process Color

Double process color is not just applying a color over your existing hair color; it entails first bleaching the hair to remove pigment, and then adding color on top. This method is usually used when lightening hair two shades or more, and it is the only way for people with naturally dark hair to achieve really light or bright colors. However, the bleaching process does put more stress on your hair, so double process can be more damaging.

It is entirely possible to get the hair color you crave, even if it is bright or bold, but you must work with a stylist! The chemicals in hair dye are no joke; without extensive experience and knowledge of these chemicals, you can end up with dry, broken hair, an unexpected color, or even have your hair fall out completely, as starts from January Jones to Lady Gaga have discovered.

It’s also very important to take care of your colored hair by using deep conditioners, gentle products, and staying away from heat-based styling methods like flat ironing. If you crave color but are afraid to damage your hair, contact Levell’s Salon today. The experienced stylists here at our Marietta GA black hair salon can help you achieve the look you want with salon services that include coloring, weaves, relaxers, braids, and more.



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