When Protective Styles Are Not Enough

winter-sceneYou’ve probably heard of protective hair styles before; styles that prevent breakage because they require less manipulation of the hair strands and diminish the exposure of the hair to destructive elements like heat, cold, humidity, and pollution. Protective styles are an important part of African American hair care, but don’t think that you can just get a protective style and ignore your hair through the winter!

As hair stylists, we are glad to see people embracing the benefits of protective black hair styles, but we also see an unfortunate side effect: Neglected, dehydrated hair! What can you do to really protect your hair? Take a look at these do’s and dont’s from your Marietta black hair salon to help you prevent damage, even in a protective style.

DO moisturize! Just because your hair is contained in a braid or other style doesn’t mean you can neglect the important task of moisturizing your hair. Whether natural or relaxed, your hair needs to be moisturized regularly to keep it strong and protected.

DON’T put too much tension on your hair. While box braids in top knots are tres chic right now thanks to stars like Solange, these styles can end up defeating the purpose of protective styling by putting too much stress on the hair at your scalp.

DO visit your hair stylist regularly. It’s very important to listen to your hair stylist and make your scheduled appointments. While it’s understandable that people often want to “get their money’s worth” by stretching a hairstyle out for a month or two longer than recommended, this can spell disaster for your hair.

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Photo by LehighValley via Flickr CC 2.0

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