Winter Hair Care Tips for Black Hair

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Lay off the heat styling during the winter to protect your hair.

Whether your hair is natural or chemically treated, anyone of African heritage knows that proper hair care is essential to keeping your tresses healthy and happy. One of the main obstacles to black hair health is dryness, and that can be particularly challenging during the winter, even here in Atlanta. Fortunately, once you understand how to moisturize and care for your hair, you will be able to keep your mane in peak condition all year long.

Read on for some winter hair care tips for black hair, and contact Levell’s Salon today to make your appointment for a precision cut, color, sew-in weave, or hair braiding with one of our talented Marietta hair stylists.

Moisturize often

From the cold outside to the dry air in heated buildings, winter is hazardous to your hair! You can make up for the drying effects of winter by drinking lots of water, conditioning often, and treating your hair to hot oil or some other moisturizing product every couple of weeks.

Beware winter accessories

Wool scarves and hats can do a number on your hair. The coarse fibers can cause friction, increasing breakage, and wool can also wick moisture from your hair, causing dryness. To combat this, add silk or satin linings to hats and be careful to move your hair out of the way of your scarf. You may also want to buy hats and scarves made from polyester or other fibers that will be more gentle on your hair.

Avoid heat styling

Your hair is under attack as it is from the winter elements and indoor heating, so don’t make it worse with excessive heat styling! Try to cut back on heat styling as much as possible to help your hair retain its moisture during the coldest months.


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