Winter Protective Style: Box Braids

winter styleThere’s definitely a chill in the air here in Atlanta, and while we are lucky enough to enjoy fairly mild winters down south, the season can still wreak havoc on your hair!

As we have discussed before, protective hairstyles are a must for keeping your natural hair happy, healthy, and beautiful. While it is commonly associated with summer, the classic box braids hairstyle is a fantastic option for protecting your natural hair and encouraging growth. Read on to learn why box braids are great for winter.

Reasons to wear box braids in the winter

  • They look fantastic without a lot of work. The holidays are a busy time for most people, and box braids are easy to maintain and style.
  • Box braids are also quite versatile, so if you want a different look you can style them in messy bun or an ornate updo. 
  • With proper care and maintenance, wearing your hair in braids will protect it from the cold, dry winter air and help you retain more undamaged hair growth.

What to know before you get box braids

  • If you are going to have box braids put in, talk to your hair stylist to determine whether or not your hair is strong enough to bear the weight of the braids.
  • Braids should not be done too tightly, which can damage your edges and defeat the purpose of a protective style.
  • Use water-based products on your braids to keep them hydrated. Avoid products that will cause buildup on your hair.

If you are interested in getting box braids, contact Levell’s Salon today! In addition to our Marietta hair braiding services, we also offer a full range of salon services, including cuts, color, and sew-in weaves.

Photo by Andreas Wieser via Flickr CC 2.0



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